WhatsApp has been working on some updates to make the communications platform a bit more useful and a little bit easier to use. Several of these new features have been available to beta testers, but the final version started rolling out to regular customers as of a couple days ago. The updates includes improvements to file attachments, how images are displayed, and a tweak to the call screen.

One of the limitations of WhatsApp in the past has been the restriction on the types of files that could be shared with other users. The app kept this pretty much confined to office type files like PDF files, MS Office files and a few others. Noticeably absent was support for .zip files, .apk files and .jpg files, although .jpg files were sort of supported via sharing of a compressed version. Now all of those filetypes can be shared using WhatsApp. It also appears that WhatsApp removed any limitations on filetypes, so if a file is in your storage, you should be able to send it to someone else.

Another change impacts images being shared between users. In the past, if a user sent several images, they showed up on the recipients end as single images per message. This meant viewing involved tapping on the image to view it, then backing out to go to the next image and repeating the process. Of course, this also meant a message thread could get quite long depending on how many images were shared. Now, the WhatsApp app will bundle a bunch of images into a single “post” that keeps things more compact. The recipient can tap on this bundle to open the images which are displayed as a scrollable roll.

The final change includes some very minor tweaks to the call screen to clean it up a bit. WhatsApp also made a minor change so that answering a call now requires the user to swipe up instead of to the side.

If you are a WhatsApp user, look for updated version 2.17.254 to be available for your device from the Play Store. Most users should be on 2.17.223. Since the update appears to be rolling out slowly, if you want to go ahead and grab it, you can do so using the APK Mirror link below.

Download It Now: APK Mirror